5 Easy Steps to Removing Contacts


Taking out your contact lenses may seem to be as daunting a task as putting them in. Have no fear – there are five simple steps that make it easy to take your contacts out in a safe and effective manner.

1.  Wash Your Hands

Having clean hands is absolutely vital when handling your contacts. Not only can dirt and germs lead to an eye infection, but you can also get tiny particles on the lenses that can potentially scratch your corneas or damage your eyes. Wash your hands in warm, soapy water and then dry them with a clean towel before handling your lenses. You’ll also want to make sure that your lens storage case is filled about halfway with solution, ready and waiting for your lenses to be placed inside.

2.  Use Your Fingers

Put your contact lens on the index fingertip of your dominant hand. With the index finger of your other hand, pull up your upper eyelid. With the middle finger of your dominant hand, pull down the lower eyelid. Look up, and while continuing to look up, carefully slide the contact down your eye and remove it with a soft pinching motion, paying special attention not to rip it. It is possible to remove the contact without sliding it down your eye, but this increases the chances of ripping.

3.  Clean the Contact

Now that the contact is out of your eye, it is important to clean it thoroughly. Putting dirty contact lenses back in your eyes can lead to an infection. Put the contact you just removed in the palm of your hand. Pour the cleaning solution over it while it’s still in your hand, rubbing it gently from the middle to its outer edge. Flip it over and do it again with the opposite side.

4.  Rinse it Again

After you’ve rubbed both sides of the contact lens, rinse it again with more solution while it is still in the palm of your hand. Once it has been thoroughly rinsed, it can be safely stored in your case. Make sure that you put the left contact lens in the left-marked section and vice versa. Different contact lenses often have different prescriptions, so you want to make sure that you are wearing the correct lens in the correct eye.

5.  Repeat and Soak

Now that you have properly cleaned and put away the first lens, be sure to repeat the process with the second lens. After both lenses are properly cleaned and put away, allow them to soak for at least two hours to allow your eyes to rest and to ensure that they are free of any and all debris.

These simple steps should be followed every time you remove your contact lenses. The most important things to remember when taking out your Frequency 55 contacts is to make sure that both your hands and the lenses have been thoroughly cleaned and that you have taken every step to ensure that you do not rip the lens while removing it from your eye.



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