5 Rules for Matching a Sports Coat and Pants

While wearing suits for men is the most formal and classy look for man, mixing up pants and a sports coat can also look great and is acceptable for all most social events as well. Sadly, though, there are some huge mistakes that have been made when it comes to matching the perfect coat with a complementary pair of pants. Here are five rules that need to be followed in order to make sure that your fashion sense is not tarnished by a wrong decision in this area.

matching sports coat and pants

1. Do Not Mix Two Types of the Same Color

While it may seem convenient to wear a black coat with black pants in order to appear to be wearing a suit, this does not work the vast majority of the time. Different materials and different dyes create different colors, even if both are black. In nearly all lighting situations, the materials are going to seem off and the entire outfit will appear very awkward.

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