Bring your love of fashion into your interior design schemes

Interested in fashion and interior design? It’s convenient if you are because the two are inextricably linked. Fashion cues seen at catwalk shows filter down to the interior design world in time; the seed of an idea from haute couture often produces inspiration far beyond the runways.


The colour of now

The shade wowing everybody this season is blush pink. This flattering colour not only looks fabulous in a dress but also works wonders on walls. At this very minute, pots of pale pink paint are being generously splashed over the swankiest walls in town.

In contrast to pink, gothic black has been making its presence felt. Black is such a familiar friend, it’s as if it never really goes away. That said, black teamed with the unlikely bedfellow blush pink is a combination we will see everywhere – wearing it, or living in it, it’s a colour tryst that’s going to be hard to break up.

The only colour combo likely to come between pink and black is classic monochrome. Minimalism remains the go-to choice for contemporary design fans craving simple spaces. The monochrome look is edgy and timeless, and we will see dramatic black floors and ceilings teamed with soft white walls and tall windows. For streamlined window treatments, source the premier shutters around to finish the look – painted soft white, their cool, minimal profile is ideal for this style.

Details and directions

Other fashion elements integrated into interiors include folk art with an Eskimo/Inuit flavour. Leatherwork, boots and accessories featuring distinctive embroidery and beadwork were well received by the fashion elite. Animal prints are always big news in fashion and interiors – zebra, giraffe, ocelot, tiger, leopard – take your pick. Whether it’s a fabulous faux fur jacket or a zebra-striped armchair, there’s always room for animal pattern.

Did you see the excessively furry and fluffy footwear at the recent haute couture shows? This trend will be translating into interiors featuring more bedding, textiles, cushion covers and nesting accessories with a high fur and shaggy-chic element.

Get the look for less

Converting fashion into interior design is easier and cheaper than you think. If you have a creative streak, upcycling cable knit jumpers into cushion covers looks crazily cosy. Charity shops are good hunting grounds for discarded novelty Christmas sweaters, so get in early – the Nordic designs echo elements of the Eskimo/Inuit craze that’s soon to hit homes.

Patchwork was a strong theme on fashion runways, which increases the chances of bedding trends going in that direction. Haunt jumble sales for garments to translate into pretty patchwork perfection.

Vintage silk scarves are fabulous framed and mounted on the wall. Designs from the 1950s and 60s are particularly luscious, so don your rummaging hat and seek bargains at charity stores in upmarket areas. For those having a mid-century modern/Mad Men moment, vintage scarves make perfect wall art.

There is a continuous, two-way conversation taking place between fashion and interior design, which means wherever you look, you’ll find evidence of one or the other. This is great news for dedicated followers of fashion and interiors because it means you get the best of both worlds.

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