Caring for Eyelashes: The Secrets of Makeup Artists

Expressive look depends largely on the length and volume of your lashes. Secrets of makeup artists for the care of eyelashes: how to choose and use the mascara, how to avoid breakage and loss of eyelashes, as capacity lashes, curling eyelashes, how to make a dramatic makeover.

 How to choose and use the mascara.

When selecting mascara should carefully study its composition to eyelashes were long and thick, healthy, you must be a part of the carcass components of caring: silk extract, biotin, protein, keratin, lanolin, vitamins A, C and E.

If you buy waterproof mascara, make sure to purchase a special tool for removing waterproof makeup. Waterproof mascara advised to use every day, but only as needed (swimming pool, sauna, beach). Waterproof mascara in long-term regular use can make your lashes brittle.

Also not recommended for frequent use super bulk mascara, a mascara gives too great a burden on the eyelashes, which can lead to a weakening of the hair (ciliated) bulbs and a subsequent loss of eyelashes.

Choose only mascara that has passed ophthalmologic control.

About the choice of brush mascara there is no consensus among the makeup artists. Here the choice should be done based on the individual characteristics of eyelashes. Makeup artists say that is not so important what a brush, or even some ink, it is important to her cause. Matted clumps of cilia and are obtained by improper use of mascara. To make a long eyelashes and fluffy with no lumps should be only 3-4 times to brush on your eyelashes. Brush up on your lashes to slow, with little pulsating movements.

Mascara is recommended that you upgrade every three to four months if the ink is dried up before, you can extend its use, putting a tube of mascara is not a long time in hot water for several minutes, the wax, which is part of any carcass melt.

How to build lashes.

Long, fluffy lashes – an integral part of the beautiful appearance, with their help increase eye sight becomes more expressive. Usually, to achieve this effect, you need to dye eyelashes mascara, or take advantage of eyelash silk and forget for a couple of months of daily morning and every evening makeup removal of carcasses. Go to bed and wake up with thick and long lashes.

The procedure itself eyelash in duration takes about two hours, completely painless and safe. Using only quality materials and hypoallergenic.

You can build lashes beams. Such a build-up takes less than an hour, and you wear them will be about two weeks.

A large number of extended eyelashes, naturally, “heavier” your opinion. A couple of days it can be patient, and long eyelashes and such are not. Casual version of eyelash extensions is not as “heavy.”

Remove the extended eyelashes as possible in the salon and at home. In the first case this means using a special liquid solvent glue. House can be used and the usual vegetable oil, better – Olive, does not cause allergies. Simply apply for a night on the oil line “build” a cotton swab. Morning extended eyelashes easily withdraw.

You can build lashes and at home using ready-made bundles of lashes or lashes. Typically these lashes are increasing by one to two days.

How to curl eyelashes.

For one day or evening perm eyelashes can be done with tweezers mascara or a special twisted carcass. Professional curling eyelashes, long time former only way to change the shape of eyelashes, and is now quickly give them a nice bend in a while. They need to use before applying mascara, not to break the eye lashes. Unfortunately, this procedure will be repeated daily, to the same inept application of Eyelash curlers can injure or even pluck them, but wet weather and wind will drive efforts to naught. Short-term perm eyelashes, and will provide a special device, based on the change of their shape under the safe thermal effect which is carried out within a few seconds. The effect of thermal curling eyelashes with a small device is more resistant and durable than tongs or mascara for curling eyelashes.

But perming eyelashes makes them desirable bend in a month or more, because eyelashes completely updated in about 90 days. Therefore perm eyelashes can be repeated after 2-3 months.

The procedure lasts about 40-50 minutes and is completely painless. Eyelash perming is made on special rollers, hair curlers, which are wrapped around each cilium. After a perm eyelashes living conditions did not change, you can also wear contact lenses, paint, take water treatments – a new form of eyelashes will not suffer. The only thing to care for them in order to enhance possible to apply castor oil. Apply it to every 2 hours is very thin and slightly warmed and then gently remove with a tissue.

And another thing – because after a perm eyelashes are lighter, a few days after the procedure is usually necessary to paint them. The paint will keep for a month. But in the final version of the eyelashes are beautiful, dark and elegantly curved, which occurs in its natural form is not too often.

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