Everything You Need To Know About Scarf For Men – Ideal Choice And Style

Today, scarves are not just for women, but it is the latest trendy accessory of a male wardrobe too. Scarf gives the man wearing it an additional touch of swagger and elegance. Everything you need to know about scarf for men is mentioned in this post.

Width and length of a custom rectangular scarf:

  • The width should be about 6” to 14”
  • The length must be 50” to 90”
  • The average height male will need a scarf minimum 60” in length
  • Large male must select one at least 70” long


Typically scarves are made from –

  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Cashmere
  • Cotton
  • Angora
  • Linen
  • Synthetic
  • A combination

The weave is of utmost importance because bulky scarves made using thick yarns need simple knots. They do not appear practical.



  • In winter, the wool or cashmere scarf sticks around your neck keeping you warm
  • In summer, lightweight cotton and linen scarf protects you from the sun’s heat.

Ideal choice for different male physiques

Everything you need to know about scarf for men can be obtained from many popular websites like TDF fashion. A wrong choice can ruin your overall appearance. Don’t forget that each male has individual features. Following ideas given below must be kept in mind.


  • Tall men with upper physique must wear a silk or dense colored scarf knitted with a thick pattern. Actually, the dark color will blend and lessen the visible stoutness.
  • Men with slim body can choose a warm colored stylish designed scarf with simple patterns.
  • Males with slim shoulder can make it appear broader with an extra long scarf draped around their shoulder blades.
  • Males can hide their long neck behind a heavy and long scarf
  • Dark-skinned males can select natural colored scarves.
  • White men would look fine in softer tones.

The way how you wear is also equally significant.

Ascot Knot

Several ways to wear a scarf:

  1. The Ascot Knot (Loose Tie)
  • Put the scarf around your neck with equal length lying on both sides
  • Take one end called A towards the other end called B
  • Allow A to pass under B
  • Now bring A upwards and make a knot
  • Adjust both ends evenly facing downwards

Ascot knot looks appealing when men wear open, turtle-neck or high-collar jacket.

  1. The Fake Knot
  • Let the scarf fall around your neck with equal lengths on each side
  • Make a knot on A side
  • Bring B side towards A
  • Allow B to pass through A from the upper part and form a knot
  • Tauten the knot

You get a beautiful fake knot and it looks great on a scarf with thick weave or a patterned scarf.

  1. Windsor knot

Tie a lightweight scarf like a regular neck-tie. It gives a perfect business look and creates a sensation with 3/4th length coat.

  1. The Twice – Around

Let both ends of the scarf lie on your back equally. Cross the ends and bring it in the front. It looks excellent on casual wears like jeans and jacket.

Parker is a student of Fashion designing, and he keenly follows new designs that are being introduced in the market. You could check out some of the latest launches by top brands like TDF fashion by visiting their website.

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