How to Travel Light and Still be Fashionable on Vacation

If you are like me, the idea of vacation spurs thoughts of which outfits you may want to wear, how heavy it is all going to be, and whether or not it will all fit in your carry-on bag. I usually want to bring my entire closet and at least five pairs of shoes, not including the ones I will wear on the plane. As fun as it can be to play dress up in a foreign location, that notion is not really practical, or comfortable when you have to carry it all yourself. It depends how long your trip is, but for the most part, all you really need are some basics and a few rotating statement pieces. It can be hard to limit the number of outfits you bring on vacation, but there are ways to get the best out of what you do have. Once you have booked your next trip on, make sure you ready the advice below.

Think About Your Luggage

Before you even begin to attempt to pack, you want to consider what it is you are actually packing your belongings into. You can bring the fewest number of things as possible and still feel like you are traveling with everything you own if your suitcase or bag is heavy to begin with. Do not let your baggage be your downfall. There are plenty of different types of lightweight bags to choose from. You can go online to get the measurements and weight of most models, as well as read reviews from people who have already purchased the item. It is always helpful to check the reviews to get a full picture of what you are considering buying.

Choose Interchangeable Basics

When packing for your trip you can lay out several outfits, but the key is to repeat more than one item in each outfit so that you are really getting the most use out of everything you bring with you. Basic things like blue jeans, white v neck t-shirts, or black tank tops can be worn over and over again when paired with different pieces of clothing. Another way to reduce weight is by planning on wearing clothes some clothes as pajamas when you feel like you have gotten enough day use out of them. Unless they are dirty from whatever activities you have been up to on your vacation, you can usually repeat use of clothes in this way. The same rule goes for shoes. I recommend finding one pair of shoes, two pairs tops, that are fashionable and can be both dressed up or worn casually.

Light Fabrics Are Key

Attempting to pack mostly lightweight fabrics will make a big difference when it comes to the weight of your baggage. Heavier items usually meant for cooler weather can sometimes be avoided by packing items that can be worn on their own or layered for warmth. Avoid any large sweaters, leathers, or too much denim, as these fabrics tend to be on the heftier side.

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