The concept of beauty – and how you can achieve it

It’s amazing how much our conception of beauty changes from generation to generation. In the classical period, shapely women (what we’d call “hourglass figures”) were the attraction du jour. You just need to see the kind of paintings and sculptures created in the past to see that larger women were the most desirable.

In part, this is because being larger meant you could afford to eat decadently every once in a while. The plumper you were, the more you could afford. It’s ironic, then, that size zero models have become more appealing in our wealthier society.

Now, catwalks are filled with people who seem to have never eaten in their lives, as though stomachs went out of fashion with bellbottoms.

But no matter what the contemporary notions of beauty are, they’re underpinned by a single truth – it’s all about being healthy.

Consider a fashion model’s beauty regime. They wake up early, hit the gym, dine on an uber-healthy breakfast, hit the gym again, get fitted for clothes, hit the gym and so on and so on. In order to conform to the industry standard, these fashionistas are run ragged at the gym.

The average person doesn’t have the time to let their life become dominated by the gym – so what can you do to keep yourself looking model-healthy WITHOUT compromising your schedule?

Shower time

Your morning shower is the prime moment to perfect your healthy look. While some people jump in the shower and pop back out again, the beauty expert knows that a thorough wash will make them ready to start their day.

For our money, we’d recommend a WEN cleansing conditioner, a vegan soap and an effective moisturiser. Your frizzy bedhead will be repaired, your skin won’t be infected with additives and you’ll be as soft as silk by the time you’ve left your bathroom.

Exercise on the fly

Trying to find the right kind of exercise plan is a bit like entering a warehouse teeming with products. One size doesn’t fit all, and finding the right plan for you is likely to puzzle your brain.

Really, all you need is to work out your core quadrants for about 15 minutes a day, focusing on a different part of your body every day. Stick strictly to this and you’ll enjoy a fitness regime that’ll sculpt you in tiny increments. It’s no quick fix but it’ll certainly help.

Foods with superpowers

Superfoods have become a source of good health, and they’re easily made. But what are they? Essentially they’re meals loaded with the right number of vitamins, minerals and proteins ideal for a healthy lifestyle.

Make three square meals a day loaded with healthy nutrients and you’ll look and feel much healthier!

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