The Most Romantic Fireplaces in the Internet – Rekindle the Love Tonight!

I am a complete sucker for romantic movies. When I was a little girl, I imagined myself finding my Prince Charming when I was around sixteen years old. Now that I am all grown up, I’d just laugh to myself whenever I remember those memories. I did not help that movies and television shows gave teens the idea that “sweet sixteen” does exist; in reality, that’s actually just a myth.

In any case, when it comes to romantic movies, I love the part where the hero and heroine would get all mushy and lovey-dovey in front of the electric fireplace  This is, perhaps, the oldest cliche of all time. But nevertheless, I enjoyed watching such sappy scenes, even if these romantic fireplace scenes occur in the movies of the yesteryear.

Unfortunately, most romantic movies no longer incorporate the fireplace as a romantic part of a house or mansion. Maybe it’s because there are a lot of houses that no longer need the traditional fireplace because of the new and more reliable electric fireplaces. No, I don’t hate electric fireplaces; in fact, I keep one in my home and use it during the cold, snowy months. I just find it really attractive to have a traditional fireplace adorned with decorations which you have painstakingly planned for a specific holiday. Most of my friends actually have traditional fireplaces in their homes because of its warm and homey feeling.

If only I have a place of my own, then I would no doubt have my own fireplace.

In any case, here are some of the most romantic fireplaces that I have seen in the Internet. I just happened to come across these images while searching for ways on how to make a fireplace more romantic. If you want to surprise a loved one whose been so far away from home for a long time, then spruce up your fireplace and have a romantic time!

Love the fireplace and mantle

Ferns and Stones Everywhere – One good way to make a fireplace romantic is to go back in time. And when I say those things, I meant way back when concrete was not yet invented. Have a fireplace made from stone and a wooden mast filled with ferns is a sure-fire way to bring back the good, yet simple times.

A wall-size mosaic of small, smooth river rock surrounds a round fireplace

The Stone Wall Mosaic Fireplace – This is perhaps one of the most unique fireplace that I’ve seen; so unique that a friend of mine actually started to make his very own version! It gives off the feeling of a comfy little house way back in the Medieval period in Western Europe.

A romantic

Go Victorian White – Nothing can beat the Victorian-era fireplaces of the past. This picture shows a majestic fireplace that shows exactly that. The fireplace also has a pair of statues on each side, making it more extravagant to look at. If you have to money to make such a fireplace, then go ahead.

Infinity Bathtub next to a fireplace

A Bathtub Near a Fireplace – Why not? If you can afford one, build a Jacuzzi near your fireplace and have some hot, steamy bath together with a loved one once you get back home from work!

If you have a better idea that the ones I placed, then please feel free to share those pictures in the Internet. You’ll never know, you might be able to help someone who needs to have his/her love life rekindled!

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