Top 10 Movie Couples of All Time

Halloween is as special time of the year, since this holiday lets us shun our everyday inhibitions and dress up in costumes. Not only can you dress up as any of your favorite characters or real-life movie personalities, but you take on the role of the character you are pretending to be. You can have your costume turn you into your alter ego, so to speak. Can you visualize how much fun that can be?   Add to the fun factor by brushing up on your movie character’s roles, awards, background and what they are doing now. You can turn your costume into a conversation centerpiece about the character you are pretending to be.   Dressing up as a famous movie couple can be an especially delightful way to enjoy this festive time of year. It can also bring you two closer together. There are a number of popular couple Halloween costumes available.   Not including the all-time classic duo of Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, there are a number of couples you can dress up as. Choose characters that you find particularly entertaining to make the transition as easy as possible. This increases the fun aspect.

famous movie couples

1. Do you love the movie Grease? How about dressing up as Sandy and Danny? You can have your choice of dressing up as their sporty, jock-oriented side or the leather-wearing side. This couple is very versatile, put it to your advantage.


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