U.S. Military Uses These 5 Watches

images (74)U.S. military personnel require to wear military or commercial watches that are capable of meeting military performance specifications. Watchmakers these days sell inexpensive military-fashioned watch that meet the set requirements. Among these watchmakers are Casio, Suunto, Timex, Field Ops and Citizen.

History of military watches

Prior to World War I, wrist watches were considered to be ladies’ accessories. However, trench warfare made it a tactical and practical must-have for the soldiers. Rolex and its contemporary brands started making durable watches with large Arabic numerals, metal grille over the dial for extra protection and illuminated hands for easy reading. The later models started featuring a totally black dial for easier reading in pitch darkness.

U.S. Military watch specifications

There aren’t any specific requirements as far as the appearance of the watch is concerned. But there are certain other specifications that have been employed since 1989, which include tritium vials as a source of illumination in the watches and the display of H3 radioactivity symbol in it. Besides, it should also display date and dual time, alarms, sunrise/sunset times and of course, have durable batteries.

Apart from these, some modern features are also accepted in American army, like a compass, barometer, altimeter, thermometer, etc.

So, which are the top 5 watches that are being used by the U.S. Miliatry these days?

  • Citizen Night Hawk

This is almost like Rolex but with brass knuckles.  Stocked with useful accessories, it is fully hard-hitting. It is 100 meters waterproof, solar powered and comes with a personalised dog tag. The strap is paracord for being used in emergency situations.

  • Casio G9300-1

This watch belongs to the Mudman series. It is suitable both for army operations as well as regular wear. Its sealed case and buttons, keep dust and grime from entering the watch. With a weight of 68.5g, it does not sit heavy on your wrist, thus, allowing you to perform all kinds of heavy-duty activities. Its battery is great; it lasts for 8 months even without sun exposure.

  • Suunto Core Alu

It can be called the brand’s most sophisticated non GPS watch. Its design is sporty and elegant. Even an office goer wouldn’t mind wearing it to his workplace. A mineral glass forms it screen; hence, no worries about scratches. It is a bit heavier than Casio G9300-1, but not too heavy for regular use. Its replaceable battery lasts a year. Before the battery dies, it gives a warning. It supports all the military features, including, storm alarm and depth meter.

  • Timex Expedition T49612

This watch is apt for outdoor and military activities. The greatest benefit of this watch is its affordable rate. So, if you want a military watch but do not want to burn a hole in your pocket, this is the best watch to go for. The design is impressively tough and the watch is shock resistant. Its night mode forms its USP, which allows you to turn on the light in the watch by pressing any button on it. It may be low in price, but it can be pitted against Casio and Suunto watches. However, it does not support altimeter, barometer, dual time and thermometer.

  • 5.11 Field Ops Watch

This rugged, mineral glass watch is apt for military and law personnel. Despite being heavy in features, it is not so in weight. It may not support altimeter, barometer and thermometer but it does support SureShot ballistic calculator. It is absolutely accurate at calculating bullet drop.

Not only American Military, but you too can own these watches. It is better if you choose to buy online as the price is often discounted over there.

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