Will Tom Hanks Make It Out Of Dan Brown’s Inferno?

Tom Hanks is an actor who doesn’t need much of a presentation or a detailed resume, as it is enough to mention Forrest Gump and the Green Mile, among others, to realize the man not only has an impressive portfolio, but also a talent that transcends movie genres and plot ideas. In the last years we got used to him playing the part of Robert Langdon, a recurrent character in best selling (and controversial) fiction author Dan Brown, who made a riot a few years back with his Da Vinci Code novel. If you remember those days, the book sky rocketed and led to countless post – release documentaries, debates, dedicated TV and online shows. Depending on what charter cable deal you chose, those shows and specialists’ arguments can still be watched, just as a reminder and a teaser for what’s about to come.

Coming back to Tom Hanks portraying the relatively shy but brave symbolist professor Robert Langdon and his adventures in trying to find out dead and buried historical secrets that could turn humanity upside down and forever change its course, the two movie adaptations he worked on (the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons) were more box office successes than critique successes, but this didn’t kept either Hanks or director Ron Howard to embark again in yet another Dan Brown history flick, this time the plot revolving around Dante Alighieri’s Inferno.

Ah! Yes, the fans can’t forget that Brown also wrote The Last Symbol, the third novel in the series that features Robert Langdon, but somehow that particular project stumbled and fell and was lost in oblivion. However, Sony understood that having a new fresh Dan Brown novel on the shelf (as Inferno was barely released in May this year) means a movie adaptation is not only mandatory, but a wise project to start. This is how the Hanks – Howard duo shook hands over the next Robert Langdon movie and announced the official date of the project’s beginning on December 18th 2015. This means won’t see the much appraised historical thriller very soon, but we can still enjoy a good Tom Hanks movie in the mean time, as Captain Phillips will hit the theaters in October 2013, while our beloved actor will show his dramatic acting skills in the future In the Garden of Beasts.

As Inferno and his author are concerned, apparently people are still in love with Brown’s style, as the novel is in the top ten of Amazon’s ranks since the official release. This means it will become another best seller, even if the story follows the already established successful recipe: a race for finding out a truth with planetary implications, secret societies, secret messages and clues only Langdon can decipher, a mad scientist, a goal that needs to be revealed and attained no matter the cost, a beautiful woman and an alert storytelling pace that will probably keep the reader hooked to the novel, unable to close the book and go to sleep.

If by curiosity one decides to take a look over the novel reviews, they will see that Dan Brown aims to entertain his public and walk it through an adventure and we surely hope the movie will rise to the book’s potential, as nobody expects this to become the next cult movie, but to offer the excitement (and beautiful Florence landscapes) people are waiting for.

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