You Don’t Have to Run in Cheap Sneakers: 5 Sneaker Shopping Tips

We have all been there. It’s time to buy some new footwear but we are low on cash. The bargain sneakers from mystery brand X beckons to us. We take the plunge, buying cheap sneakers that hurt our feet and fall apart in a couple of months. But you don’t need to buy low quality sneakers. From catching the latest Adidas sales to coupons delivered right to your smartphone, there are many ways to save money on footwear.

Tip 1: The Power of the Coupon App

Remember the days when you or your parents spent hours cutting paper coupons to save a little bit here and there? Thankfully in the 21st century, technology has eliminated the need to scour newspapers and magazines for quality sneaker savings. Have the latest sneaker releases e-mailed right to your inbox or smartphone!

There are many apps that are designed to help everyday shoppers. Pricepal is a small web browser extension that gives you instant alerts when you shop online. If you find a great sneaker, the app will send you a quick alert of an even better deal. The app is designed for Australian shoppers, making it ideal for those who want to save from local retailers. Check out your app store for more great tools to save money. Sign up is quick and easy, usually taking less than a minute.

2: Gift Cards!

Earning money and points towards merchandise through online surveys has been around almost as long as the Internet itself. Have you heard of Swagbucks? This handy website lets shoppers earn gift cards to their favorite retailers. Take surveys, watch videos, and perform other online tasks to earn points towards cards. There are many helpful websites that allow you to earn points and money towards merchandise. Always be sure to read the fine print before signing up for any rewards website.

3: Coupon Codes

A quick internet search will yield hundreds of helpful coupon codes for footwear and popular athletic wear retailers. Many of these codes offer holiday discounts of up to fifty percent off. They are very easy to use. Either click on the coupon code icon to apply the discount or copy the code and paste into your online shopping cart.

4: Google

Yes, sometimes the easiest way to save a few dollars on sneakers is simply to conduct a quick Google search before you click “buy”. Use the search engine to your advantage. Type “coupon code Adidas” into the search engine. In a few seconds you will have a list of websites that offer various coupon codes. For more advanced searches, click on the “Tools” link on Google Search and set it to “past week”. The web results will only list coupons from the last week, saving you additional time and money.

5. Buy in Bulk

When you do find the perfect sneaker sale, take the opportunity to buy shoes in bulk. Why? If you have two pairs of sneakers, you can alternate between the pairs. This provides more comfort for your feet longer and lets each pair last longer and suffer less wear and tear. If you have a family, buy shoes for your kids and your significant other.

Buy yourself high quality name brand sneakers for a fraction of the cost. Follow these four simple sneaker-shopping tips to save yourself money next time you shop.


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